Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo Tiles

Terrazzo has existed for 100 years and has been the popular choice for industries who install flooring, stepping and walls.

Terrazzo tiles and external paving are manufactured and installed or supplied only by Pebblecrete In-Stiu Pty Ltd. Terrazzo, especially when well maintained, is elegant, natural and beautiful.

Colour of samples shown, are as close as modern reproduction processes will allow. Marble being a natural product, is subject to variations in colour.

To view samples of our professional Terrazzo Art, please click here.

Terrazzo Tiles: Sizes Available

All sizes are available in a number of different thicknesses. The most common being 32, 35, 40, 60 and 80mm. However any size or thickness can be arranged.

98 x 98

200 x 400

600 x 300

148 x 148

300 x 300

600 x 400

148 x 300

400 x 400

800 x 400

198 x 198

500 x 500


Conglomerated Terrazzo Tiles